2024 Birthday Gift Guide

2024 Birthday Gift Guide

Jewelry is always a great birthday gift choice. It’s often a gift that requires a bit of thought and shows that you really care about the person you are purchasing for. It’s also quite versatile and can either be something that they can use on a day to day basis or a special occasion. In short, you really can’t go wrong. But if you’re here, you’re probably looking for some recommendations out of the many, many options we offer. Fear not- we have something for everyone, be it parents, significant others, or best friends. Here are our top ten gift choices for 2024!

Arden Bar Double Chain Bracelet
Arden Bar Double Chain Bracelet
One of our most popular options, the Arden Bar double bracelet gives the illusion of two separate pieces and is composed of two very distinctly different designs. It’s a step up from the regular snake chain and is a great choice for the fun-loving, jewelry lover in your life.

pearl gold butterfly pendant necklace
Aurelia Mother of Pearl Butterfly Necklace
A necklace for the flowery, loving person in your life. Mother of pearl bases are beautiful, and when paired with a butterfly pendant, it’s really one of the cutest choices out there. Besides, it’s definitely something that you can wear for any occasion!

Ayla Ring
Ayla Ring
Know a minimalist? We guarantee that they’ll love the Ayla Ring. It’s a thin band with the tiniest stones on it for the smallest bit of glimmer. It’s not the most flamboyant, but it’s so effective. When you’re a minimalist, a little goes a long way!

gold adjustable ring
Cici Adjustable T Ring
Don’t know their ring size? No worries, we got you. The beauty of this ring is that it can fit absolutely anyone. Not to mention that the T design is so unique and can add a little bit of contrast to any outfit.

Gold mini heart bowknot studs
Darcy Minibow Heart Set (gold and silver)
We’re serious when we say mini, but these studs are great for anyone with piercings but don’t love flashy jewelry. Also, bows are definitely trending right now, so it’s a trendy and simple piece to have around.

emery watchband bracelet
Emery Watchband Bracelet
Watches can be a pretty expensive gift, so this could be a great alternative. Since it’s supposed to mock the band of a watch, it’s definitely quite a textured piece, which makes it good for stacking and has the regal feel many watches have as well.

Freshwater pearl anklet
Havana Freshwater Pearl Anklet
Anklets are honestly so underrated. They can make such a great statement, and this one even has a pearl attached. It’s stunning paired with a dress, skirt, or shorts, and the pearl accent calls to the sea. It’s a great present for anyone obsessed with anything coastal, and beach.

jamie ring black
Jamie Chain Ring (Black, Gold, Silver)
Chains work so well as any type of jewelry. In this case, it’s a ring that comes in either black, gold, or silver, so you can really match the color to the style of who you’re buying it for. It’s a ring that will make for a very special gift.

kai leather bracelets
Kai Leather Bracelet (Black, Gold, Silver)
This one’s not quite as flashy or luminous as the other provided options, but you know what? Not everyone wants gleaming, bright jewelry. The Kai Leather Bracelet is a sturdy piece that can still help anyone feel stylish and confident. However, if you do still want that shine on the bracelet- good news! It’s in gold and silver as well.

Kelsey Double Layer Pendant Necklace
Kelsey Double Layer Pendant Necklace
Stacking jewelry is an art. But sometimes, you just can’t be bothered to figure out which goes well with what. So, the Kelsey Double Layer Pendant Necklace will do the work for you. It’s glamorous, elegant, saves time, and is a two-in-one gift.
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