2024 Mother's Day Gift Guide

2024 Mother's Day Gift Guide

We understand that getting gifts for mom can be hard, so we’re going to keep it short and simple for you- pearls. As you may already know, pearls have traditionally been beautiful, high quality additions to jewelry. They generally represent wisdom, love, and purity. As a gift for mom, however, they can also symbolize elegance, beauty and protection. So as you can tell, pearl jewelry is the perfect gift option. Which is why we’ve narrowed down five Lumini pieces to make your gift shopping easy.

Naeve Pearl Bracelet
Starting off strong, we have the Naeve Pearl Bracelet. A feminine and romantic piece, the Naeve Bracelet is adorned with a golden heart and pearls in three different hues. The details make this bracelet stand out and make for a very eye-catching gift. It’s a wonderful way to add a splash of color to any outfit and to show your love for mom as a son or daughter or to show appreciation for your wife on Mother’s Day.


Sloane Pearl Earrings

Sloane Pearl Earrings
You really can’t go wrong with a classic pair of earrings. Made of freshwater pearls and plated in 18k gold, the Sloane Pearl Earrings are simple yet elegant. Its simplicity allows it to be paired with absolutely any outfit and is a piece that will never grow old. It’s a particularly good gift for moms who don’t like anything too extravagant. If you’re really trying to encompass the symbolism of pearls in a gift, the Sloane Pearl Earrings will definitely do the job.

Monet Mother of Pearl Necklaces
While not necessarily the go-to idea for a pearl, we couldn’t not put in our Monet Necklaces. First of all, it has MOTHER and PEARL in the name- it would be a disgrace if we didn’t include it. To specify, the backing of the Monet Necklaces is where the mother of pearl comes into play. But more importantly, we offer our Monet Necklaces in the entire alphabet so you can choose and personalize one for mom. M for mom perhaps? Or maybe her initial, or another letter that holds significance? The possibilities are endless.

Rey Diamond Pearl Hoops
Diamonds are another popular option for mom, so this is a compromise between the two. While this earring does have a pearl attached to it, it’s balanced by a row of small diamonds embedded into the hoops. But the best part? The pearl is removable, making it a 2 in 1 earring. Due to its duality, it’s a great piece for any occasion.  It’s definitely one of the flashier options on this list, but it’s perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of sparkle into their mom’s life. 

Norah Pearl Necklace
Another unique piece to add to mom’s jewelry collection! This dual design necklace is a statement piece that twists a classic pearl design into something that stands out even more.The chains and pearls are connected by a T-bar closure to ensure security while seamlessly adding onto the design of the necklace. It’s both dainty and modern, and is a top choice for anyone looking for a necklace that demands attention. We recommend gifting mom this along with a simple ring or a pair of earrings to complete the look. 

A friendly reminder that all jewelry from Lumini is tarnish-free, water resistant, and hypoallergenic!

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