Allergic to jewelry? Say no more!

Allergic to jewelry? Say no more!

Oh no! The new pair of earrings you just bought is causing a rash on your ear! Unfortunately, metal allergies are extremely common and are jewelry lovers’ biggest nightmare. Like, how sad is it when you see the cutest bracelet that you could wear on the daily, just to realize that it’ll break you out into the worst rashes ever? But, as they say, prevention is key, so let’s go over and keep ourselves in the know on how to wear jewelry without any physical consequences.

Basics of Metal Allergies
Metal allergies, or contact dermatitis, happens when your skin is exposed to specific metals that your jewelry is crafted from. Nickel is the leader in this misfortune, with cobalt being a close second. When your skin reacts negatively to your jewelry, your skin can break out in rashes, swell, and feel extremely itchy. These symptoms can range in intensity, but regardless of how mild or severe, a metal allergy is definitely not something you want to experience.

How to Prevent Metal Allergies
There’s a few ways to go about this, but the most fool-proof, budget-friendly way would be to wear hypoallergenic jewelry. Hypoallergenic jewelry is made of metals such as stainless steel, which is nickel-free. It’s a lot safer and should keep any discomfort away! The more expensive version of this would be to invest in jewelry made of either sterling silver or 18 or 24 carat gold. But generally, as long as you’re avoiding cheap jewelry and are purchasing pieces of good quality, you should be safe!

If you must wear a piece that does have nickel in it, or come across a design that’s absolutely perfect but is made of a questionable material, then we have some suggestions as well. The first is to clean them thoroughly. Then, you can go ahead and coat it all in clear nail polish. Keep in mind that occasionally, you will have to reapply the polish, but it should do the job for quite a while. Besides, the nail polish will also prevent cheap jewelry from tarnishing. For earrings, opting for silicone or plastic backings can also help with sensitive ears. And most importantly, make sure you’re not wearing pieces with these metals for an extended period of time! There’s only so much the nail polish can do!

What To Do If You’re Experience and Allergy Reaction
We pray that you never do, but if it really does happen, here are a few steps you should take to ensure that you heal properly. Obviously, remove the jewelry! From there, apply a cream or ointment to soothe the skin. However, stay away from anything with antibiotics, as those can make matters worse. It is also recommended that you keep the irritated area moisturized to protect and calm the irritation. If your symptoms do not improve, visit your local doctor as soon as possible to prevent the allergic reaction from getting worse!

*Please note that the details provided in treating a metal allergy is not professional medical advice. Seek assistance from a medical professional if you feel that it is needed immediately.

And Just a Note….
At Lumini Jewelry, our pieces are made with love and care. Our jewelry is made of stainless steel to ensure that they’re tarnish-free and hypoallergenic. Absolutely NO blue/green fingers here or rashes! Every piece goes through quality control to ensure that you’re wearing the best jewelry to feel your best!
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