How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

When you’re wearing your jewelry everyday, it’s exposed to everything- from water to soap to even the weather. In the worst case scenario, low-quality jewelry will turn your fingers green and rust. High quality jewelry won’t tarnish (we make sure of it here at Lumini!), but it won’t hurt to have a better understanding of how to keep your jewelry nice and glowing! So, here’s a few best practices for jewelry care!

Prevention is Key!
While you should definitely always set aside time every once in a while to wipe down your jewelry and to give it the extra sparkle, it’s just as important to maintain it on a day to day basis. It’s best to keep your jewelry off while gymming, swimming, other similar activities. Make sure that you’re keeping lotions and perfumes away from your jewelry as much as possible, as some metals can deteriorate in quality when exposed to chemicals. (We would, however, like to clarify that Lumini Jewelry is tarnish-free!) Additionally, ensure that you are storing your jewelry properly. If you have a nice and cozy house to live in, then so should your jewelry! Invest in a nice jewelry box for all the different pieces you have. Besides, the last thing you want is for bracelets and necklaces to tangle and having to undo that nightmare!

Keeping It Shiny
Pearls are so precious and delicate, so make sure to be careful with them! The golden rule for cleaning pearls is to make sure that your pearls do not get soaked in water as this can affect the pearl’s quality. To clean them, mix together some warm water and shampoo. Dip a small brush into this mixture and gently clean your pearls.Then, take a microfiber cloth and lightly polish them. If you’re running low on time, dampen your microfiber cloth, wring it out well, and clean your pearls. This saves you the time of mixing soap and water and going in with a brush and will still give your jewelry a decent polish. If you are interested in getting your pearls professionally cleaned, we recommend doing so once a year.

Hear That? Your Jewelry is Squeaky Clean!
Since pearls can be at greater risk of damage, we gave specifications on how to clean them. For general pieces, you have a few options. If you’re feeling fancy, a jewelry solution is a great way to go. Otherwise, many home remedies, such as dishwashing soap with water, toothpaste, and even vinegar are accessible choices. And just like the pearls, take a gentle cloth or brush and run it over the pieces for the perfect polish. As usual, make sure you’re being gentle with your jewelry!

What You Need to Fix Your Jewelry
Loose chains, broken clasps, and even knotted up pieces can be annoying or even devastating if it’s your favorite piece. But fear not- they’re (generally) fixable with just a few tools! Your best friends are going to be a pair of tweezers and pliers with a small head to get into those tiny little pieces of your jewelry. They’re crucial in loosening and pinching together clasps and loops in chains. And really, once you’ve got all your tools ready for assembly, you’ll just need a bit of patience and steady hands to put everything back together. And side note, if you lost the clasp, are missing an earring backing, or some piece of your jewelry has fallen into the abyss, your local craft store should have replacement pieces!

Fun fact! Each Lumini purchase comes with a care card with directions on how to care for your jewelry!

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