Spring 2024 Jewelry Trends

Spring 2024 Jewelry Trends

With the weather warming up, we should also warm up for all the jewelry trends of spring 2024. Since 2024’s fashion trends are still reflective of the Y2K style that was oh so popular in 2023, expect to wear pieces with a blend of nostalgic and contemporary- but with a new twist. Boho-chic seems to be slowly blooming into spring trends, giving a refreshing update to the already established Y2K look. From anklets to bows, here are seven jewelry trends that you should mix into your spring wardrobe.

Layering Jewelry: Stack It Up
Layering anything is an art, and layering your jewelry is one of the best trends to have ever existed. Putting different lengths and textures together gives so much depth to an outfit. Not to mention that spring is peak music festival season, and layering jewelry is a fantastic way to add to all of those cute festival outfits! This is a trend in which the boho-chic style can really shine as well- it’ll go seamlessly with your Coachella outfit!

Chunky Earrings: Truly a Statement Piece
We’re definitely looking at earrings that can pack a punch this spring. From drop earrings to a pair of chunky hoops, you’re going to need something statement. We’re talking earrings that will take the spotlight even with your hair down. And while you can just pair it with something dainty, don’t be afraid to go bold all the way through! When styled right, having chunky accessories scattered throughout is a great look.

Gold and Silver: Mixing It Up
We get it, you’re either team gold or team silver. But honestly, isn’t it easier to just put the two together? It’s okay, you can do it and we won’t judge- it’s one of spring 2024’s biggest trends! Whether it’s broken up as gold earrings and silver cuffs or stacked gold and silver rings, the two colors actually complement each other quite well. They also work as a pop of color in your spring wardrobe, so really, what’s not to like?

Anklet: Modest and Efficient
An anklet is the perfect way to subtly add a bit of shine to your outfit. It’s lowkey, but honestly one of the cutest and most underrated pieces of jewelry out there, so now is your chance to give them some love. And since the shorts, the skirts, and the dresses are coming out, it’s really the best time for your new anklet to shine and dip into that boho babe vibe. But even if you’re more of a pants person, a flash of color from your anklet can bring your outfit to a whole new level.

Singular or Mismatched Earrings: Making a Difference
Being the odd one out doesn’t have to be a bad thing! It may feel weird to wear just one earring, but it’s a great way to utilize jewelry creatively and step out of your comfort zone. But if you must have an earring on each earlobe, you can make use of mismatched earrings as well. Different shapes make for a great point of interest and completes your look by being perfectly imperfect.

Chokers: Classic and Charming
This one’s definitely more of the Y2K style, but chokers maintain a good balance of playfulness and sophistication. Chokers are a popular choice because they come in all sorts of colors with all sorts of charms and styles, so there’s something for everyone. They also have a dreamy look that merges quite well with the pastels and cheeriness of spring.

Bows: Nailing the Coquette Aesthetic
The coquette style definitely had its taste of fame when the bow trend blew up on social media. But that’s just the beginning- it’s time to incorporate bows into your jewelry. It’s definitely a girlier piece, and can bring the perfect touch of femininity to any outfit. Besides, bows have made their way into the wardrobe of so many celebrities, so it has to be doing something right.

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